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Team AZ trailer did not make the trip to the SummerNats...but there were some folks from Arizona up there and could have been flying our banner.

Air Leaks - you should do both tests...pressure and vacuum.

Air Density - here in AZ we see corrected air density altitude is the winter at 1200' and in the summer at around 4000' ...this really affects jetting and PV operation. We tune to get the PV to open at 7500...based on the air.

Fuel System - has the fuel pump been rebuilt? Is the gas tank vented properly?

Electrical - we run the the IW-29 or the NGK BR10EGV plugs here in AZ.

Squish - is your motor set to the low or high side of the measurement? this can affect tuning.

Gear Ratio - at PKRA (.8 mile with long straight) we run at 12/79 and hit the rev limiter on the straight.

Hope this not give up. The Rotax is a great package.

Team AZ Karting - Scottsdale, Arizona
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