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Butler Cox
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[QUOTE=Garry Lobaugh;7584]It looks to me that the forum respondents have been very attentive to your needs.

To answer your question: the local dealer is our first response to the customer. We cannot discect your problem from a long distance or by email. This sounds like major surgery.

Please call me to discuss further.

Thanks for your quick response. Yes, the respondents have been responsive, as has the dealer, but nothing on this forum since two weeks ago with any new leads to pursue. I know you cannot dissect a problem like this long distance or by email. I'm just trying to see what to do next when the local dealer or other resources can't seem to fix the problem.

We have been trying another experienced Rotax tech who presently has the motor apart and has been working on this problem for several days. So far he's found nothing anomalous, not even something that looks like it requires major surgery. His findings, plus all the others, mean its not something obvious, or perhaps even common as far as tuning goes.

Bottom line is everyone is puzzled, so I hope maybe you can shed some further light on what to do next when I call. Hope so as we've unable to race this motor all season long since it acts like its about to do something that will require major surgery for sure.

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