USED - 2009 BIREL RY28-S1

USED - 2009 BIREL RY28-S1


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Make: Birel
Model: RY28-S1
Year: 2009
Item Number: UK-015
kart Number: 28
Kart Description:

2009 Birel RY28-S1: Ex Sage Karam Junior Kart (only 1 season)

Kart is priced to sell with only 1 season is perfect for Jr or Sr 100cc or TaG racing. Includes MRP Aluminum Pedal block. Current set-up for Jr. but easily converted to taller driver.

- rear pod
- angled steering hub
- full set of bodywork
- removable 4th rail
- NEW brake pads
- seat size of your choice


Seat Size: IMAF size-1
Axle: 50mmx2mmx1040mm "F" modulus
hubs: Freeline HQ 95mm
Brake System: Freeline hydraulic/mechanical
wheels: Magnesium Freeline
Front Hubs: Freeline HQ
Brake Pads: Freeline
Wheel Size: 4.5x5, 6.0x5 or 7.1x5
Spindle: 17mm
Alignment: adjustable caster pill (.5 degree)
Rear Bumper: CIK pod & kit

Engine Type: optional yamaha or rotax
Engine Serial Number: N/A
Service Center: N/A
Estimated Engine Run Time: N/A
Clutch: N/A
Engine Notes:
Ignition Coil: N/A
Exhaust: N/A

Chain Guard: No
Chain Guard Type: optional
Pipe Mounts: No
Pipe Mount Type: optional
Extra Seat Struts: No
Strut Length: optional
Tires: No
Condition: N/A
Gauge: No
Type: optional
Additional data acquisition?: No
System Type: optional GPS
Date Of Last Report: 9/18/2013
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